Woof + Walk Fanny Pack -Olive + Extended Strap

Woof + Walk Fanny Pack -Olive + Extended Strap

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Going on your daily dog walks without proper storage for your keys, treats, phone, and poop bags can quickly turn into a headache. If you're tired of dropping your phone while picking up a poo, your Woof + Walk Fanny Pack's are the perfect solution. No more stressful walks!

Why You'll Love It:

  •  Zipper pocket to keep ID or debit cards safe
  • Extra individual pockets to keep your treats separate from your phone or keys (no more crumbs!)
  • Lightweight enough for long hikes and roomy enough to fit larger-model phones.
  • Convenient poop bag dispenser in the front so you never have to struggle with bags again.
  • Don't worry about getting dirty! Whether your dog loves a relaxing daily walk or long jog with you, the Woof + Walk Fanny Pack is so easy to clean. - Perfect bag for training or agility
  • Comfortable, thick waist strap 
  • The Extended Strap was created for all body types and extends up to 145 cm. Buckles on both ends of the strap allow you to mix and match with any of our Woof + Walk fanny packs. - Extends up to 145 cm - Designed with all beautiful Mid-Size, Plus-Sized bodies in mind - Straps can be worn around the waist or cross-body

Made in United States
Brand: Woof and Wonder

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